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Night Shelter: The starting point for those coming into our program, with the exception of families.  Evaluation of particular needs and empowerment to develop the best course of action to attain short, intermediate and long term goals begins.  Whether it be continued education, referral to substance abuse and/or mental health treatment, life skills training - or a variety of other options to best address the individual  issues, opportunity is given as each step is accomplished. 

Transitional Housing:  Some guests qualify for transitional housing after meeting benchmarks designed individually. When a guest is employed, a portion of the monthly income must be placed  into a savings account to be used towards expenses necessary to be satisfied before moving into permanent housing.  Educational programs offered on-site are required. Credit counseling, budgeting, job training, parenting, AA/NA meetings, etc. are incorporated weekly into the program and requires mandatory participation by those enrolled in Transitional Housing.  For those unable to work, reasonable and attainable goals are set and monitored closely.

Transitional Housing-Resident Staff: While the same guidelines of Transitional Housing apply, these individuals also have responsibilities related to the running of the shelter program such as night phone, laundry, monitoring night shelter, etc.  This gives an opportunity to build a good job reference for those needing a credible work history as well as giving more time to develop better life skills necessary for success.  Length of stay at this level varies according to the individual needs.

Soup kitchen: Our kitchen is open twice daily to all in need. Additionally, we provide a breakfast for everybody in transitional housing and night shelters. The nutritious food provided is vital to the health of homeless children and adults and especially to persons who abuse alcohol and/or drugs who likely would not get adequate nutrition from any other source.  

Healthcare:  Nurse clinics are held daily.  We assist our guests in finding affordable healthcare and accessing prescription medications. We are an active part of organizations that address the needs of the uninsured in our community. Healthcare education is a part of our curriculum.  

The Clothing Closet: Frequently our guests arrive with only the clothing on their back.  We are fortunate to have donations of clothing that we are able to pass on to them.  We also pass on household items when residents move into their own homes, relying totally on donations from the community.

Path to Wholeness:  Working with the homeless mentally ill is the focus of this program.  Outreach is provided to  individuals who are often unable to live in congregate living situations such as a shelter.  For those that qualify, assistance is given with qualification for benefits.

My Sister’s House:  My Sister's House addresses domestic violence and sexual violence at a variety of levels.