diakonos:  (noun) 1.  Greek word meaning "one who serves."  Word from which "deacon" is derived.    2.  Corporate name of Fifth Street Ministries

Fifth Street Ministries offers a variety of services to the homeless, the impoverished, the abused and
the working poor.

Our mission states that we will "compassionately serve men, women, and children in need by providing clothing, food, access to healthcare and safe sanctuary, advocating for change and offering hope."

From addressing the needs of the homeless to providing sanctuary to victims of family abuse and other types of violence, thousands of individuals have been assisted. 

The programs of Diakonos are successful because of invaluable community support through exceptional volunteerism, the donation of clothing, food and household items, and financial contributions.



                                                                          To access our Form 990, click on the GuideStar link.

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